Thursday, 29 August 2013

I'm bored of the holidays :S

Boredom has taken over, after 13 weeks off I'm kinda ready to go back to school...I think it's because there isn't any structure to my days I end up making pointless collages of pointless photos or wandering down to the kitchen to find food or putting the TV on and watch an episode of Big Bang which I've seen twice already or logging into Facebook to see how many messages and notifications I don't have or playing Yann Tiersen on the piano when I should be doing exam pieces or watching an average-ish film that I found on youtube or blasting my music out with the bass turned up on full so my floor rumbles or listing all the useless aspects of my days, connecting them with the coordinating conjunction 'or'. Ahhhhh I've looked at the word 'or' so much it looks strange.
                     Hey! This was the pointless collage of pointless photos I was talking 'bout
 I don't really know either. I decided I didn't want flicks on my eyes today.  Oh look! My tan from Germany has disappeared already! wooo (y)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Whatever floats your boat

I had always considered myself as quite a shy person, until someone quite rightly pointed out that awkward was probably a more suitable choice of words (y) although, saying that, i think I'm a relatively confident person these days. But things like public speaking (I'm talking small numbers here) is not a strong point for me and what I have in my mind is poorly represented by a non fluent 'splurge' of words in most cases. In fact, I'm generally not very good at anything that involves a crowd of people watching me..especially acting. However, I do find it easy to do musical performance, playing piano in particular. It's my comfort zone, in a way. I've managed to learn a fair few pieces off by heart and so I can comfortably hop on to a piano anywhere and play. When I go to a town or village, I often end up playing the church piano for a little while. Some places I do this more regularly and play every time I visit.  I'm definitely not the best musician you'll ever meet, and no I can't tell you Chopin's life story in intricate detail or play every one of his pieces but I do really enjoy music. So I suppose that is the most important thing :)
I would also say that I enjoy performing in front of people too, even if its a few guests coming into my little music room. I must admit that it is a triumph (or guilty pleasure) to reduce someone to tears with my playing. Don't worry, the majority of the time it's tears of happiness! :L It's weird how different people's comfort zones vary. For some people its more academic and opening a maths paper feels a lot more comfortable than sight reading a difficult piece... or for a sporty person where they'd rather be training on the field as opposed to learning in a classroom. I feel it's necessary to say 'Whatever floats your boat' round about here. I may even make it the title ;)

Sat in the comfort of my music room

Thursday, 22 August 2013

My Results!!!

I'M SO HAPPY! I've got 7A*s, 8As and an A in early entry AS English Lang/Lit!! My A*s were in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology (which I got 400/400 yayay), English Literature, German and Maths! I'm also incredibly proud of friends who who got 11 and 13 A*s!!!

Peckforton Castle

The night before last, I spent the night in a castle! So I thought I'd quickly post some pictures before I go and collect my results! :)

Mom's very first selfie

Well I didn't see him do this :S

I'm not a Doctor Who fan, however a gigantic Dalek made from hay is sort of cool-ish! Although, it was right by the road and a dangerous distraction! 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Make-up VS. No make-up

I feel so reliant on my make-up these days! :(  Well when I say make-up, i'm referring to my eye make up~ I'm lucky that I have good skin and don't need foundation or power or whatever.
Okay, maybe this is a weird picture

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Just chillin'..with my host

I hope you've seen the Host, otherwise you'll just think that I've over-obviously edited my eyes...

Friday, 16 August 2013

Is anyone else really nervous about their GCSE results?

After seeing all AS and A level results that currently dominate my news feed on Facebook, I'm starting worrying about getting my results next Thursday! I'll make sure to share them on here...good or bad! Ideally I'd like to get straight A's...however, I messed up a couple of my exams so I don't think that's going to happen. 'what's done is done'

That is all

Infact, I've changed my mind set a little since writing this post. Not going to get so worked up about it... or get upset if I don't get what I want because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it now

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Adventure to Germany

I've had the best time ever in Germany! It was so lovely to see all my German friends again and it was surprising how easily we could pick up from where we left off! My week was jam packed- I went to a BBQ street party, visited Schwabach, twice to Nuremberg, Munich, swimming in Brombach see (a hugeee lake) and exploring the cute town of Bamberg!

Keeping ourselves entertained in Birmingham Airport. I'm so cool. 
The amount of selfies I have taken this holiday...but we're on the plane to France here and we are already getting the 'airport look' - in other words- hair, makeup goes out the window

Where I was staying was pretty rural and I prefer this side of Germany as opposed to their big cities

On Sunday we visited Nuremberg Tiergarten (the Zoo) and the weather was wonderfully warm! I'm also quite proud of my photography of this highly photogenic something-or-other!

We are all waiting to see the dolphin show! Wahey! Bear in mind that there was a flash-rain episode and that is the reason why I slightly resemble a marshmallow. Lovely.

Here is a little town called Schwabach. We came here on a Sunday afternoon and so non of the shops were open, hence the lack of people.

Schwabach is famous for it's gold. How cool is that? And this roof is made from gold!

I'm sure you are wondering what this picture is all about. Well, we stopped for a cafe break in Nuremberg on the Monday, and to get to the toilet you had to read the code on the bottom of the receipt, venture up a lift and then enter the code into the door. That was a first.

On the Monday, we returned back to Nuremberg to watch Monsters Uni in German. I actually understood the majority of what was going on! Achievement :3 I also observed that German cinemas (or at least this one) are far better than any cinema I've been to in England. Firstly, all the seats are angled at a higher gradient than in England, so you don't need to worry about having a human giraffe perched on the seat in front. Secondly, they had big red curtains which opened before the film started which I thought was cute.

Yes, I'm brushing my teeth 
I also prefer the German trains to England. Cleaner, tidier, two storey and they have little seating areas for four people. Jade and I are most likely listening to MCR or YM@6

Do we get these in England? Because I have never seen one! Basically, it's a miniature conveyor belt that runs along side the stairs for your to put your bags on
On the Wednesday, we went on a bike ride to Brombach See and then went swimming in the lake! Our little baskets on the back of our bikes were filled with our picnic food :')

This was such a beautiful place to ride! Take into account that I am riding whilst taking pictures

Here is another picture from Brombach

On our last full day, we all went to Bamberg. I loved this place! All the buildings were really cute and authentic german-looking! Also, despite that colour of the sky, it was really warm!
I think that I'm going to finish with this Germany post for now, but I'm sure that little comments and memories from Germany will crop up in my posts for quite a while! I honestly had the time of my life and I'm so grateful to Lisa's Family for their kind hospitality. Actually, there is one thing that I would like to give a special mention. On the day before I left, I went to visit the Grandma and Grandpa. They were so lovely and kind- they had laid out the table and we all had ice cream with wafers and sauces in glass bowls. Her Grandma spoke to me in English, telling me how she lived in America along time ago and so she seemed really happy to use her English again! She then gave me a hand-made jewellery pot, that she had made especially for me. That had actually made my day and after going to my favourite place of the week, Bamberg, I couldn't have wished for a better last day! Writing about this trip makes me miss it...alot!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Dark Skies: My opinion

That has to have been one of the worst films I have ever seen, to the point where I feel the need to express how bad it was, to make the wasted time seem a fraction worth while! I'm sure if they could have thought of a decent ending then it may have entered the 'bad-but-not-enough-to-rant-about-it' zone. So yeah, to any reader that has not yet seen it- I'd recommend for you to save your time and money and bake a cake or a fresh batch of cookies instead. See, I'm a film kinda person and maybe you've noticed my little list of films to the right of my blog, which is the place where I write the films I've seen recently. It's only a little list seen as I've only had it on here about a month and I forget to write some of the films I watch... and the others aren't worthy of making the list (yes you guessed it, dark skies didn't make my list). However, it mustn't be confused with my list of favourite films, which is much harder to do and would take a lot of thinking and remembering! If you've read this far then I commend you for your willingness to read such a rambling post of nothingness! Maybe you've got a better attention span than me because I think I would have left to make a cup of tea by now. Anyway,  to change the mood of this post, here's a picture of me hugging piglet.. :D
Yay for Disney World!

Back to my Bechstein

I'm home from Germany and I promise that the pictures and details will be up on here soon but for the moment, here's a happy picture of me and my beloved Bechstein :')

I like the pile of books that are scattered on the floor of my music room

Friday, 2 August 2013

Miniature Post...I'm off to Germany! :D

I'm really happy at the moment! In the process of getting all the final things ready and then we'll be off. So Tsch├╝ss and i'll be back in a week! <3 Here is an *OLD* picture of me and our horse, Duchess Whisper..or for short, Cally. Cally's really old now and lame. For those of you that think that 'lame' means 'Dude, you are so lame'...oh dear..look it up
I know what your'e thinking, those are awesome gloves.