Monday, 12 August 2013

Dark Skies: My opinion

That has to have been one of the worst films I have ever seen, to the point where I feel the need to express how bad it was, to make the wasted time seem a fraction worth while! I'm sure if they could have thought of a decent ending then it may have entered the 'bad-but-not-enough-to-rant-about-it' zone. So yeah, to any reader that has not yet seen it- I'd recommend for you to save your time and money and bake a cake or a fresh batch of cookies instead. See, I'm a film kinda person and maybe you've noticed my little list of films to the right of my blog, which is the place where I write the films I've seen recently. It's only a little list seen as I've only had it on here about a month and I forget to write some of the films I watch... and the others aren't worthy of making the list (yes you guessed it, dark skies didn't make my list). However, it mustn't be confused with my list of favourite films, which is much harder to do and would take a lot of thinking and remembering! If you've read this far then I commend you for your willingness to read such a rambling post of nothingness! Maybe you've got a better attention span than me because I think I would have left to make a cup of tea by now. Anyway,  to change the mood of this post, here's a picture of me hugging piglet.. :D
Yay for Disney World!

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