Sunday, 20 April 2014

Books and reading and stuff

I still haven't got round to reading Insurgent! I bought it last week and I really want to read it, but i've been way too busy with school work and I keep getting sidetracked... little trips to the kitchen and piano all add up :P

I'm weird with books because when I find a book that I like, I will continuously read it for hours on end. Although, not many books interest me so this does't happen that often. I've realised what genre I like best though. It's the futuristic books about life in years to come. Not about aliens or robots or technology so much, but more about different lifestyles and people's views and actions. Hunger Games, Divergent etc etc

I also like books that are written in a chatty tone. Like perks of being a wall flower and The fault in our stars. (however, TFIOS is a bit of a cheese overload)

Lately I have been reading the wonderful OCR Biology and Chemistry books. The only problem is, I end up reading the words but thinking about something else i don't actually comprehend anything -.- (If this was a psychology exam, I would say...this effect can be explained by Hunt's study...)

I'm off to Belgium on Tuesday and I haven't packed yet and more importantly, I haven't got any food to take with me. I have also misplaced my mini kettle, which is a major disaster! On the last band trip the food was gross and so this little kettle was our lifeline!

Ah man, i'm so tired but it takes so much effort to get ready for bed

Goooood night