Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Literally haven't used this in a million years

I realise that it has been over half a year since I last posted on my little blog which is actually quite sad. So I'm trying to think of all the events that have occurred since my last post in MAY. Once again, I'm listing for my future benefit:
  • June 22nd May - 6th - Tanzania Africa. Hospital work experience, safari 
  • July 6th - 17th birthday - I spent the first few hours of my birthday in Dubai, the next few in the sky and the remaining hours back in sunny England
  • August - a week in Monmouth with Natty and friends followed by Nozstock - This was a meetup with my Africa friends
  • 6th august- 12th August - My wonderful German friends Lisa and Silja came and stayed for a week! We went to London, Carding Mill Valley, Shrewsbury and Birmingham.
  • Late August - My results were better than I expected and I so I was really confused on results day. I got AAAAB  (biology, chemistry, psychology, english lang/lit, music respectively) 
  • 20-25th August-  Reading festival - the music was so so good at reading! I didn't like the size of reading though. Way too big. I also can't camp to save my life.
  • September - again a meet up with Africa friends, multiple visits to London
  • Katie moved to London. Didn't like her course and then moved to Liverpool. Good move. Liverpool is awesome.
  • October - Unconditional offer for Biomed at Uni of Birmingham. Bit unexpected really considering my application was dentistry application and not a biomed one. oh well. happy days.
My africa chums in Mikumi National Park

Ben, Lorcan and Natty at le Orphanage

Super cute kid at the orphanage

NOZSTOCK in the DnB tent/barn thing. This photo appeared on the internet. oh dear. That't also my denim jacket.

My lovely Germans at Carding Mill Valley