Sunday, 25 August 2013

Whatever floats your boat

I had always considered myself as quite a shy person, until someone quite rightly pointed out that awkward was probably a more suitable choice of words (y) although, saying that, i think I'm a relatively confident person these days. But things like public speaking (I'm talking small numbers here) is not a strong point for me and what I have in my mind is poorly represented by a non fluent 'splurge' of words in most cases. In fact, I'm generally not very good at anything that involves a crowd of people watching me..especially acting. However, I do find it easy to do musical performance, playing piano in particular. It's my comfort zone, in a way. I've managed to learn a fair few pieces off by heart and so I can comfortably hop on to a piano anywhere and play. When I go to a town or village, I often end up playing the church piano for a little while. Some places I do this more regularly and play every time I visit.  I'm definitely not the best musician you'll ever meet, and no I can't tell you Chopin's life story in intricate detail or play every one of his pieces but I do really enjoy music. So I suppose that is the most important thing :)
I would also say that I enjoy performing in front of people too, even if its a few guests coming into my little music room. I must admit that it is a triumph (or guilty pleasure) to reduce someone to tears with my playing. Don't worry, the majority of the time it's tears of happiness! :L It's weird how different people's comfort zones vary. For some people its more academic and opening a maths paper feels a lot more comfortable than sight reading a difficult piece... or for a sporty person where they'd rather be training on the field as opposed to learning in a classroom. I feel it's necessary to say 'Whatever floats your boat' round about here. I may even make it the title ;)

Sat in the comfort of my music room


  1. As an aspiring pianist just as you are, I know exactly how you feel. There really is tons of deja vu in what you just said. I wish the best in your musical endeavors.
    I express opinions that could go in this category on my blog, too. Would you mind taking a look?

    All the best,

    Ruby M.

    1. Oh I'm glad that you can relate! :) and yes of course! i'll have a look now :)

      Thanks for commenting!