Thursday, 29 August 2013

I'm bored of the holidays :S

Boredom has taken over, after 13 weeks off I'm kinda ready to go back to school...I think it's because there isn't any structure to my days I end up making pointless collages of pointless photos or wandering down to the kitchen to find food or putting the TV on and watch an episode of Big Bang which I've seen twice already or logging into Facebook to see how many messages and notifications I don't have or playing Yann Tiersen on the piano when I should be doing exam pieces or watching an average-ish film that I found on youtube or blasting my music out with the bass turned up on full so my floor rumbles or listing all the useless aspects of my days, connecting them with the coordinating conjunction 'or'. Ahhhhh I've looked at the word 'or' so much it looks strange.
                     Hey! This was the pointless collage of pointless photos I was talking 'bout
 I don't really know either. I decided I didn't want flicks on my eyes today.  Oh look! My tan from Germany has disappeared already! wooo (y)

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