Thursday, 26 December 2013

I was thinking and I ended up doing a 'My top 10 cooking Ingredients' list

Slightly unusual post but...seen as i asked for half of these as my Christmas present, I thought I'd share it on here. Why not.

1. Coriander. I didn't get coriander for Christmas however it is my favourite herb of all time.
2. 100% cacao. The one I like in particular is Willie's 100% cacao - This is a cylindrical block of chocolate and is perfect for cooking savoury dishes
3. Port. Port is an awesome ingredient for tomato based dishes - Chilli/ Spaghetti Bolognaise/Ragu etcetc.
4. Black/white truffles. I'm talking about the fungi that cost a lot of money, not the chocolate kind! But this has such an unusual flavour and is brilliant in pasta and risotto dishes.
5. Garlic. haha woo. Not gonna lie, freaking awesome ingredient
6. Tomatoes. Incredibly simple, although when i thought about it tomatoes are brilliant ingredients. One of my favourite recipes at the moment is a Tomato Risotto. Basically cherry tomatoes are heated in a pan with a fair amount of butter until soft. This is then strained and the tomato infused butter is added to the risotto. Genius recipe - best risotto ever.
7. Mince. I cook dinner Monday to Friday for me and my brother and after a long day of school there is nothing better than finding mince meat in the fridge because it is so quick and easy to rustle up something tasty.
8. Goats Cheese. I love goats cheese. It's a great ingredient to use for starters and appetisers and tastes even better when baked.
9. Kikkomanns soy sauce. This is my favourite type of soy sauce for when i'm cooking more oriental dishes. It is better than any other soy I have tried before (hence why it's one of my christmas presents)
10. Tilda Basmati Rice. I really really like rice. This brand is my favourite.

This is Willie's Cacao. You don't understand my love for this stuff

The main reason I asked for the rice was because I wanted the limited edition tin! haha

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