Friday, 27 December 2013

Here's an out of the blue frustration for you

This picture has zero relevance, but how good is this snapchat of mine? 
I was thinking. You know what sometimes frustrates me?

It's when people are convinced that they, and I quote, 'like something more than you' by comparing relative quantities of knowledge or time. . I probably sound a bit confusing here. So I'll give you an example. Harry Potter. Okay, so we have two Harry Potter fans. One of which has only watched the films (yet considers them amongst their favourite films) and the other who has: read the books, watched the films, got the merch, can recite Dumbledore's full name backwards and describe the associated characteristics of each house (and so on). The second one considers themselves to like Harry Potter more than the first person and listed the above reasons to explain why. But I don't agree with this. You can't say that you like something more than someone else just because you know more about it, as the way in which you like something is completely specific to you.
It's like saying that people in MEDCs like food more than the 1 billion (just over) in extreme poverty because they've had more of it!

Basically what I'm saying is that you can't generalise, compare or put a scale on emotions because they are specific to every individual and aren't relative to time or knowledge!

Slightly out of the blue but I do more thinking than I do sleeping at night :P

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