Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I fail at life

I genuinely fail at life right now. My exams really aren't going well. Teachers have little confidence that I'll get my target grades, so how am I meant to have any confidence in myself???

 I will have definitely won the award for ' Greatest Underachiever of the century' this academic year.

Do you know what's the most annoying thing? I have done so much revision. I have banned myself from TV and films (which is very hard indeed) and I'm revising from the morning to the late hours of the night (or early hours of the morning :S).

There's so much pressure for me to get AAAAAAAAAA and it's stressing me out a lot.

For example, in my music recording I was so concerned about not going wrong that I ended up purposely playing part of it wrong and I can't even explain why my brain did that. Maybe it's like when people say that when you are at reallllllly high heights, you have the urge to jump off...?

I got into my sisters car today after school and just cried all the way home...and continued to cry at home too for that matter...So then I had comfort food -  meringue with whipped cream and raspberries (which was actually the highlight of my day)

It would also help if my sleeping pattern decided to make a miraculous recovery. Beginning to think i'm an unconscious psychopath.

Why can't I be super intelligent? Is that too much to ask?

No? Okay

Thought so

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