Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Slam Dunk Festival!

I am so glad that I went to Slam Dunk yesterday! Ah man it was so good!

Firstly Katie and I went to see Zebrahead which was hilarious. The atmosphere was really good + there was lots of moshing considering it was something past 6! A group a lads thought it'd be amusing to unexpectedly scoop me up and pass me over the crowd - so yeah, I crowd surfed! Which was an experience in its self! I got passed all the way to the front and was lifted down. I ran back round again to 'thank' the guys for lifting me without telling me...and so they thought it'd be more amusing to lift me again! So I crowd surfed twice. Good times.

Then we went to see abit of We are the in Crowd! Followed by Mallory knox, which was also awesome. I definitely need to see them again.

All american rejects came on just after 9.30 and I was at the very very front! Ahhhh I was so happy!

It was such a good evening people


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