Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Work experience/ volunteering in Africa

Oh man I'm so excited!!!

I'm going to Morogoro in Tanzania (East Africa) for 2 weeks for work experience and volunteering!


How exciting!

But I have  busy list of difficult and time consuming things to do before I go:

  1. major revision for AS levels
  2. Get to A grade standard in all my subjects (note: trickiest part of my list)
  3.  Take all my AS level exams
  4. get a million and one jabs, malaria tablets, flights, insurance, visa, scrubs, suitable clothing etc.
  5. Music composition and performance deadline
  6. go to 3 concerts - Halestorm, Deaf Havana and Panic! at the disco
  7.  Band trip to Belgium at the end of April for 5 days ish
  8. Revise for UKCAT because I'm not going to have time after

On top of this i'm still working twice a week (taking up practically my entire Saturdays) and I'm doing work experience every week at the hospital on Fridays. 

help me 



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