Friday, 6 September 2013

What day is it?!

I apologise profusely to my beloved blog and readers for neglect this week, but I have a reasonable excuse, as I've been super busy with school and keeping on top of my homework and notes! Usually I can't fall asleep until way after 12am, but today I got home from school around 4 and must have fallen to sleep. I was woken up by my brother when he put a cup of tea on my bedside table. I looked at my clock and it said 7. I was convinced it was 7am Saturday morning and so I went down stairs to have my breakfast, feeling a bit confused as to why I was on top of the covers rather than under them. Then my Mom arrived home from work and only then did I realise that it was still Friday and I had woken up at 7pm. 

Things I've discovered this week at sixth form:
  1. My school uniform was far comfier than 'smart office clothes' and quicker to get on in the morning, considering you don't have to decide what matches with what
  2. I have to do 3 hours of homework a week for each subject
  3. I should put an umbrella in my handbag, just in case someone accidentally  sets the fire alarm off and I have to stand outside in the rain (yes, this unlikely event happened today, and nope I didn't have an umbrella) 
  4. Not having Lunch until 2.25pm lowers my work efficiency and productivity
  5. The new Microsoft Office has really cool background settings, which means I can personalise word, outlook, powerpoint etc to have little sandwiches and juice bottles with faces on in the top right corner
  6. The comfort of my heels decrease as the week progresses
  7. The Milky way galaxy has a mass of 4 X 10 to the power of 41 Kg or 400000000000000000000000000000000000000000kg

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