Friday, 27 September 2013

I have a work placement!

I now have a work placement at a Dental Practice! I go once or twice a week in my free time slot on weekdays. It's quite handy because I can walk to the practice from school in under 20 minutes and it's a pleasant, non-creepy walk too. At the moment I've been shadowing and I feel like I'm learning so much. Definitely an environment that I feel comfortable in! I also love the independence of making my own way to work and back again. However, I am yet to experience a trek in the rain..or the snow for that matter, maybe my opinion on walking will change with the season.

Sixth Form Update: I swapped my Physics A level to Psychology. This decision was purely down to the fact that Physics doesn't interest me. Of course, there are some aspects that I love...the stars, the universe but I didn't enjoy the lessons and it has always been my least favourite science to study. My work load has increased quite dramatically and I'm starting to feel the pressure (no thanks to my up-coming music exam). I've noticed that the focus on 'popularity' has fizzled out, especially in the classes where there are lots of newbies. I prefer it.

Music-wise: I'm trying to be a bit more strict with myself when it comes to scales practice. So this week I have been taking my scales book to school and practising before my first lesson starts. Apart from band, I've hardly had any chance to play my clarinet and i'm, therefore, in the process of brushing the cobwebs of some of my grade 7 and 8 pieces for my AS recording. It also means that my fingers are going to have to get used to the awkwardly-difficult positions and movements in these pieces again, which I spent ages mastering a few years back.

Holy Guacamole. How is it already 11.09pm at night?!

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