Thursday, 25 July 2013

Teppan Edo - One of my favourite restaurants. & DISNEY WORLD recap 2011

SO there are about 6 people sitting on these special tables and at the front is a hot cooking surface. Each table is designated a chef who takes your order and proceeds to cook it right in front of you. It gets cooler. See, the chefs cook in a showy/flashy way...chopping things incredibly fast, making little steam volcanoes out of the onions, speedily preparing prawns and flicking the tails into the top of their hat! Oh and there is a lot of throwing and spinning of the utensils too. AND to top it off, the food tastes sooo good! You can find this place in the Chinese part of Epcot. Highly recommended.

Writing about this has reminded me how awesome Disney World is. Much to the point where I feel sad that i'm not there at this very moment. I love the parks, the rides, the happy atmosphere, the friendly workers, the nice food, the wonderful hotel I stayed at.. Everything, basically.

What even are those things on Alex's feet, seriously bro. I have
such a good posture. Please bear in mind that i'm two years younger in this photo :P

You cannot go to Disney world without hugging a character!

The happy bubbly atmosphere here is unlike any place I've been to before

Fabulous almost 'family' photo, my eyes can't handle the brightness! haha

Erm, i'm not sure why they are so happy about these acorns, but hey! This was at the bus stop - our main mode of transport around Disney which was a pretty good way of getting around. The buses were super air conditioned, which was nice to step into after walking around in the heat! Although, I ended up getting chilly by the end of the journey. 

I would like to share with you 'The Kitchen Sink'. There was an ice cream parlour at my hotel and their speciality was the a kitchen sink. If one person could finish the entire sink in an hour, then they get everything they ordered for free. Obviously, there was 5 of us, and after visiting the same hotel and ice cream parlour for the second time - it had to be done! We finished it (i think) but only just! How on earth could one person finish this in under an hour. I'm not sure what size or amount it looks like to you guys, but I can assure you that there was a hell of a lot of ice cream, toppings, brownies, oreos, cakes and sauces in this sink! My usual from this ice cream parlour was Butter pecan ice cream, with peanut butter and chocolate fudge sauce. mmmmmmm. I still like to recreate this now at home, but it's not quite the same! I also like the way that americans pronounce 'pecan', it took me a while to realise that 'P-khann' meant pecan. :L

That's Katie and Alex and we are standing on the Boardwalk, looking across the lake at our hotel 'The beach club' :'). The Boardwalk is so cute. There are sweet shops, souvenir shops, sports shops (that alex liked) and there would be people performing on the board walk too - magicians etc. 
America's interpretation of England. I quite liked it actually and i'm sure that there are some places in England that look quite like this ...but unfortunately, my dear american friends, the majority of England is not even remotely as cute and wonderful as this set up. I'm also pretty certain that the streets wouldn't be this clean either. The things that they placed in 'England' were: a Fish and Chip shop (which was popular and expensive :P), a castle, a little place where 'The Beatles' performed,  a shop that sold tea  (predominately) and the odd english sweet that costs 10 times more than they do in the real England. Oh well,

Well don't I look hideous here! haahahaha. I'm sure this picture wasn't intended for me (slight photobomb) Everything in America is bigger, even this ice cream is big enough for three people!
This was the Boardwalk at night, all lit up and wonderful. The chairs that you see at the bottom of the picture are placed on the 'beach'. I say 'beach' like this because it is actually artificial, made to complement 'The beach club hotel'. Again, nice idea. The beach didn't usually have many people on whilst we were there, unless they had one of their arranged events - Movie night or a campfire. My Mom and Dad were very eager beaver in going to the camp fire, and i enjoyed toasting marshmellows but my siblings and I are not ones to join in with any over cheesey singing and dancing. My parents however..... we caught it all on camera! mwahaha.

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