Monday, 15 July 2013

Sunday Entailment and PRACTISING GERMAN for my visit in a few weeks

Okay, so my Sunday kinda went like this:
  • mmmmm Breakfast
  • Then the family decide 'Let's go on a bike ride in this super hot weather!'. I ended up riding a 30 year old bike with one dodgy brake, where my feet didn't even touch the ground. Yay for health and safety!
  • I watched a film. 
  • Had a BBQ
  • Sat outside on the swing chair and listened to: Dolly Parton, Eurhythmics, Dexys Midnight Runners (yes, Come on Eileen), Lisa Mitchell (she is so cute), Mumford and sons!, Eminem, YM@6, MCR and I cant remember the rest. Interesting mix
I need to stop doing boring posts like this. I'm sorry. Tut mir leid. Ooooooo that reminds me, I've also started topping up my german on 'Duolingo' which is super useful. It's this language learning website which isn't hideous or boring. In fact, it is quite cute and has little cartoon trees and owls and awwww.

Basically, I'm heading to Germany in a couple of weeks to visit my awesome German Exchange, Lisa. Lisa came over to live with me for a week in February and we had such a cool time and so i'm going to see here again at her place.  But this time the trip has nothing to do with the school, and it'll be summer holiday for everyone and so I don't have to sit through German classes! It also means that I am flying alone. Well not completely alone, I'll be with Jade who is visiting Monja..however Jade has only been on a plane a couple of times so yanno. Same thing.

I've started from the beginning as i'm a little rusty and these are a few phrases I may use:
  •  Nein, alles ist gut! - No, everything is fine!
  • Du sprichst schnell!- You speak fast! :3 (in other words, I have no idea what the hell you have just said!)
  • Gehen wir?
  • Wahrscheinlich nicht! - Probably not!
  • Ich bin praktisch Perfekt!- I'm practially perfect! (I'm kidding people)
  • Entschuldigung, bitte! - Excuse me, please!
  • Ich bin Voll!
  • Nein, Ich bezahle! - No, i'll pay! 
  • Es reicht, danke - It is enough, thank you

 KLAVIER spielen!


  1. Have fun visiting Germany! It sounds like a great experience. Bring a nice big book for the plane ride, though. I really like Agatha Christie novels, have you ever read any?

    1. Aww Thankyou!I'm so excited :3 and no I haven't.. But I'll have a look at them! Thanks again for commenting!:)

  2. Jenny! seriously I don't think your posts are boring! :) Your activities sounds really fun btw. And yes! Have fun visiting Germany! They have like the best chocolates. <3

    1. Thankyou! It means a lot! I love German chocolate :P definitely will be bringing a stash back home with me ! <3