Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I love home-made Birthday Cards

I thought I'd express my love for home-made birthday cards, whether they are made by me or for me. Personally, I find it far more exciting when I've been presented with a folded-in-half A4 piece of paper plastered with old, new and best of all hideous photos that bring back a flood of memories. It's always nice to have it covered with annotations too or witty comments and inside jokes that go beyond 'Dear Jenny...Happy Birthday...with love from Joe Bloggs' (unintentional pun, I know). I received a home-made card recently for my upcoming birthday  (no envelope) and it was unexpected, from a friend that I had very much drifted apart from. The reason I probably felt the need to post about such an inconsequential thing as a 'home-made birthday card'' is that it changed my view of this friend in a good way. Firstly, it showed me that she had spent time gathering photos of best-shared memoires, cutting them out and annotating them- this is something that I appreciate! It also made me re-evaluate my  view of that person and see the many better moments of our friendship, that have much greater significance than any of the not-so-good.

Rule #32 Enjoy the little things. (credit to Zombieland)

        To me, this is a lot more entertaining than the average card!

This is one of my 'interesting' creations. ;)

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