Wednesday, 3 July 2013


 I don't busk, but I love buskers! Well, the good ones anyway - guitarists, guitarists that sing, violinists and saxophonists - I'm not a fan of those didgeridoo players mind you :P Busking is quite controversial, i know some people dislike it thinking they are hobos playing for the money and that's probably true on some occasions...but not all buskers! 

I'm sure most people have heard of Passenger, he's pretty famous and you can still find him busking on the street.

Slightly off topic there. I like it when I visit a town or place and the atmosphere has been vastly improved thanks to the buskers. I've noticed this most in Oxford, Shrewsbury and London (tube). 

Whilst we are are talking music, this is the door to my music room and I think it's cute because it has a treble clef on it :3 I'm aware that this is a cringey picture of me 

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